BlacKkKlansman ★★★★

i feel like the fact that all the klansmen even duke were portrayed as comic relief is so detrimental to the film. i get that spike lee probably wanted to use comedy to undermine and make the audience laugh at their stupidity  through like dramatic irony but imo what it actually did was make them seem less dangerous and not as harmful as they actually are. i feel like by doing this the film just wasn’t as powerful as it could’ve been, if lee has just portrayed these hateful scummy evil racist dickbags for what they really are and not just as clowns, the film really wouldve been a lot more effective. 
that being said i really loved the score especially that recurring theme and john david washington, adam driver and laura harrier’s performances were amazing.  also that bitch connie was annoying as fuck like girl we don’t wanna hear ur whiny ass voice shut up