Avengers: Endgame

Avengers: Endgame ★★★★

Walking out of INFINITY WAR, I think we all had an inkling of what ENDGAME would entail. The questions were in the details. Surely the Avengers would reunite and try to save all the lives they lost in the Snap. But how would they go about this? Would they have to reclaim the Infinity Gauntlet or go into the Quantum Realm (or both)? And if so, how would Thanos factor into all of this? Would they get back everyone who died in INFINITY WAR or only some? Would Ant-Man really go up Thanos' butt?

In my mind, there were two ways this could all play out, all depending on the runtime. I could easily imagine a version that was two hours, one that got right into the action, but also risked feeling like an over-extended climax to INFINITY WAR. The other was a version that would run much longer, one that would let our characters deal with the fallout and slow realization of what to do next.

Thank God they went with the longer version.

ENDGAME might hit notes and beats that the internet has been predicting for years (pretty sure there are things I've seen floated around since 2012), but often does so in the most surprising way possible. This is the kind of movie you walk out of going, "They literally thought of everything." And I mean *everything.* There is *a lot* of movie here, so much so that I'm almost surprised that they didn't turn INFINITY WAR/ENDGAME into a trilogy. But doing so allows the filmmakers to explore the consequences of superheroism in a way they haven't really been allowed to up to this point.

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