Promising Young Woman

Promising Young Woman ★★★★½

next level rape-and-revenge - without rape, without violence, without blood, but with revenge, classy style. a movie for the Zeitgeist, but a very smart one, that should stand out as classic of our times one day. the "seriously, what are you doing?" sobering up killer image might be one for the eternal grounds of cinema.

it's really an achievement how Emerald Fennell manages it to handle those tonal shifts she brought along with the concept. from the classic trope of the genre, it takes turns to romantic comedy (Mulligan & Burnham with perfect chemistry), happy-go-lucky neon satire, in depth character study (although this isn't able to get the space it would needed to do it properly) and finally goes down this bold road (not spoilering here), which made me really wonder about if the finale could work out. it does somehow, although with some narrative stretching, and I'd argue there might not exist a perfect ending in no world for this.

shoutout to Carey Mulligan - really an A-class act. also wonderful camera and editing. the distorted Britney song: on point!

btw i for one, am also a big fan of symbolic castration of all piggy porcos.

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