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  • The Lost Daughter

    The Lost Daughter


    “I’m an unnatural mother”

    Maggie Gyllenhaal’s directorial debut The Lost Daughter is, at its core, an exploration of all the nuances of motherhood and womanhood. It is a very internal, observational piece, mainly told through the eyes of our protagonist, Leda, whose regrets resurface in the wake of meeting a struggling young mother, forcing her to confront her past and make peace with her present. With so much left unspoken, so much communicated in looks and via metaphors, so much…

  • Spencer



    Pablo Larraín creates anti-biopics. Sure, they’re indulgent, like the traditional biopic, but they indulge in a very different way. Spencer is less a biopic and more a character study, more of an attempt to locate who Diana was, even though it doesn’t really know who she truly was. The film is not concerned with events, nor is it concerned with a clearly structured narrative with a familiar unravelling and familiar story beats. Diana is its focus. Diana as a person,…

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  • Written on the Wind

    Written on the Wind


    Douglas Sirk’s Written on the Wind is an extraordinary melodrama, one which embraces the over-the-top nature of the medium, while never entirely straying from realism - melodrama is a tool for Sirk’s storytelling. It is melodrama with purpose. Kyle Hadley’s world is one of repression, of hidden feelings and secrets. Characters grapple with internal battles and struggles, a flurry of complex emotion washes over their faces, but the expression of such feeling is held back. Naturally, the melodrama brings the…

  • Some Like It Hot

    Some Like It Hot


    Some Like It Hot, a screwball comedy with a gangster backdrop of 1929 follows two men, Joe and Jerry as they disguise themselves as women in attempt to run away from a local Chicago mobster intent on killing them for being witnesses to their crime. With such a premise and it being a film from 1959, it is surprisingly restrained in problematic humour - though it is not entirely exempt from such criticism. It is, in ways, vastly ahead of…

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  • If Anything Happens I Love You

    If Anything Happens I Love You


    1950 does not fit into this at all... it really ruined the vibe for me. That’s... not what that song is about. I thought Spotify had started playing the song independently, that’s how much it stuck out and felt out of place. 

    Of course, it’s hard hitting and emotionally overwhelming, but that’s mostly just the subject matter and not really the way it’s been told. The animation style lends itself to the subject matter, in that it looks as though it was drawn on a school notebook. I’m sad but this wasn’t that great.

  • Pray Away

    Pray Away


    With an inherently upsetting and painful subject matter at its centre, Pray Away does not need to do much to evoke an emotional response in its audience. There is a transcendent resonance in the magnitude of the self-hate, the internalised homophobia & transphobia, the religious indoctrination, and the shame. It is overpowering.

    Structurally the film is confused, with several protagonists, the flow between each person’s story affects the pacing. The pieces of the puzzle do not easily fit together, so to…