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  • Casino


    This movie kinda sucks. I mean, yeah, it doesn't suck, but it kinda does. He's not so much a filmmaker here as a guy who shot 37 one-minute music videos, strung 'em together with some narration, and called it Casino because the first half takes place in one (not so much the second half).

  • Hard Times

    Hard Times

    Fight Club 1975.

    I am Charles Bronson's cat
    I am a freight train slow rolling
    I am 5 cent cup of coffee and New Orleans jazz
    I am backwoods bare knuckle boxing

    I am James Coburn's gambling addiction
    I am Cool Hand Luke's maniac prison captain
    I am Charles Bronson's broken heart

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  • Flatliners


    This would be a great film if it had a different director, better writing, and an entirely new cast. Cinematographer stays.

  • Corridor of Mirrors

    Corridor of Mirrors

    I film I had forgotten about until it appeared to me one morning without warning in the midst of reading a book. The book felt so similar in plot and tone that I could not shake the creeping sensation that I had read it before, that it and the movie were one and the same story - coincidentally a mirror of the movie’s themes.

    A dramatic romance, not my preferred genre. But in the months since watching it has grown…