Tenet ★½

I can't believe I gussied up for my first drive in trip in like 8 years and this is the feature I stayed up for.

There are a handful of cool scenes which anyone, even non-film lovers, can identify as the concept scenes. These are the scenes with good sound mixing, with high intensity, the thing that clearly inspired the movie (and the trailer scenes).

But the other two hours? Well despite clocks counting down and the occasional building un-exploding, the characters only speak in exposition. Literally in the last scene, they are still introducing new information about the concept, even though the concept is not as hard to grasp as the director thinks.

The villain is also laughable. There are many scenes that are supposed to show how evil this man is, that are performed with more ham than John Hamm. We laughed and cackled at subjects that should not have been humorous.

Just bad. Asleep at the wheel on this one.