Promising Young Woman

Promising Young Woman ★★

Can you guess what every woman’s worse nightmare is?

Promising Young Woman is a thriller following a woman who takes revenge against men who have wronged her. No idea thats what this was about, still thought it was great. 

The cast is full of recognisable actors, Adam Brody older Freddy from Shazam is in this and is playing a not so nice character. Clancy Brown AKA Krusty Krabb is in this, Jennifer Coolidge (Stiflers mom) Alison Brie, Connie Briton, Laverne Cox, Christoper mintz-plazze (not seen him in sooo long) Max Greenville, Alfred Molina and Bo Burnham. Carey Mulligan’s career best, a tour de force. The tone and direction of this is dark in such a great way. Kinda got American Psycho vibes slightly but no it’s not a murdering men film. The music was quite sinister, horror esque. It handles tone shift extremely well, it’s impressive as the subject matter along with comedy is difficult to do. I liked that this film was tell and not show, it was cool that it’s really about the affect rather than effect. 

It’s weird it’s a huge bag of a dark thriller, romance comedy revenge film, not that I mind that. Bo Burnham was great as the comic relief. The director has a cameo as a Youtuber. It’s not your typical revenge film but it is most definitely a vengeance story. So many great strong scenes, the scene between Carey and Connie was so good, the bedroom scene, one of the films many highlights. The audience will definitely find this relatable and powerful.

I really liked this but not as much as I wanted to, I wanted this to be the 5 star film of the year. The soundtrack was good, although the remixes of classic pop songs were unneeded, the violin rendition of Toxic was awesome. The cinematography was alright, it was colourful I guess. Great direction to get this performance, Carey Mulligan is wonderful and she is the best thing about this for sure, the story was a good rollercoaster of a ride very predictable at times but the ending was extremely bold. It had to use the song from Deadpool didn’t it lmao. It doesn’t have much rewatch value at all. It’s not like Gone Girl where you can notice so much about it with several viewings. You can understand everything on a first watch.

Overall, this was good/mediocre but felt it’s been a bit too hyped up, I thought the performances were the best elements. It’s the Joker film of 2020. Before anyone says “you hate women, this film isn’t for you!” Little Women, The Invisible Man and Portrait of a lady on fire (all female led films) were definitely not made for me but they remain my favourite films of 2020, 2 out of 3 directed by a female director.. 

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Fun fact: This is a directorial debut.

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