Tenet ★★★★

“don’t try to understand it. feel it.” — this is the best piece of advice that this kind of film could give because as much as i want to fully understand and be able to articulate everything that happened + all the ins and outs, i can’t and you know what? that’s ok. what matters is that i thoroughly enjoyed it. i was completely captivated by its intensity and that’s saying a lot considering that it was almost a three hour long film. speaking of which, i am now convinced that time is an illusion because this film actually felt shorter than it was. maybe it had to do with all the fast paced and reversed action scenes, but i was genuinely confused when it ended and thought there was more ahead.

christopher nolan really knows how to boggle our minds and i don’t know if i love or loathe him for that, but i have to give him the utmost credit. he is an absolute expert of the sci-fi/thriller genre and has proven that multiple times in his work. the way he envisioned and created this film is truly beyond me, and it wouldn’t be what it was without the talent of its leading man, john david washington. comedy, drama, i’m convinced he can do it all and he is easily one of my favourite actors. also, not to discredit robert pattinson’s acting skills because he is clearly a wonderful actor as well, but i’ve never really been attracted to him and that instantly changed once i saw him in this film. the man has no business being THAT hot.

anyways, it felt so good to finally watch a film on the big screen again after MONTHS and i’m glad i had the opportunity to do so during these uncertain times (don’t worry, my friend and i were obviously distanced from the few other people that were in our session)

i don’t think i can truly give this film five stars knowing that i couldn’t wrap my head around a lot of it, but just know that it’s definitely one worth watching if you can!! 

that is all. stay safe and take care <33

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