Magic in the Moonlight ★★★

it's interesting to watch this in the middle of my Rohmer run - Allen's film, like many of his, is deterministically driven by battling ideologies, also like many of Rohmer's, and specifically bounces combative ideologies at a self-proclaimed rational man who believes in a rational world, tested to a breaking point - also like many of Rohmer's protags.

of course, Allen's films are near Brechtian in actual comparison - like watching faceless pegs move around a board, particularly if you're familiar with the filmmaker's proclivities, particularly his self-indulgent rug pulls.

and yet, there's something comforting about this film and its formula. Firth's charm (although not his chemistry with Stone) goes a long way, as does Khondji's gorgeous France-in-a-snowglobe cinematography