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  • A Lustful Mind

    A Lustful Mind


    nothin but class

  • Golden Temple Amazons

    Golden Temple Amazons


    the first act is kinda slow, and the whole thing would be kind of a slog if Jess Franco wasnt so good at creating good vibes. the really cool slow electronic score, done by Norbert Verrone (no clue if thats just another Franco pseudonym) also does a lot of heavy lifting here as well.

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  • Irrational Man

    Irrational Man


    Allen's like 4th or 5th riff on getting away with an awful crime. seems fascinated by the subject. not sure why

  • Rifkin's Festival

    Rifkin's Festival


    in Allen's latest, a sexless charmer with a built-in ad for San Sebastian's film festival, the filmmaker's long-ossified style curdles over itself to reveal playful re-enactments of the same European masters his protagonists have admired for the last 50 years.

    the re-enactments here are worth juxtaposing with near-identical ones in Stardust Memories, Interiors, Another Woman, etc.. then, there was a sincerity that has now been hollowed out to reveal placeholders - art works that signify something nostalgic for Allen more…