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  • Law and Order

    Law and Order


    made following Wiseman's visit to the Democratic Convention in Chicago, 1968, in an attempt to reveal cops = pigs, Law & Order is an important film to his own development as an increasingly less didactic filmmaker open to capturing the space around him

    bookended by non-violent domestic calls, the film ultimately portrays the police as a force fundamentally inept, untrained and uninterested to solve much of what they're called to solve. more often than not, they'll get your purse back, but…

  • Bulletproof Monk

    Bulletproof Monk


    this wasnt very good. but also, who cares

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  • Tenet



    a goofy and cool movie that's so far up its own ass in the best way - that is, as a film about film not to romanticize the medium and its power, but the delight of its construction for its maker. the half-baked gestures at emotional storytelling of Inception are stripped away here as Nolan zeroes in on tangling and untangling his set of tools/toys for the sake of excitement, which has seemingly allowed him the confidence to branch into some weirder territory (including this collaboration with composer Ludwig Goransson).

  • Irrational Man

    Irrational Man


    Allen's like 4th or 5th riff on getting away with an awful crime. seems fascinated by the subject. not sure why