The Game

The Game ★★★★½

"Whereas once I was blind now I can see."

The first Director I ever loved was David Fincher. I had fallen head over heels for plenty of films prior to my realization of the Finch, but I never really developed an emotional connection to the name of an auteur until around 1999. That year, of course, was the release of Fight Club, and at the age of 15 I put it together that the same man was behind three of my favorite films over the course of six years, those being Se7en, the aforementioned Fight Club, and sandwiched in between was The Game.

I will be perfectly honest, when I first saw (and loved) The Game I don't think I really appreciated the film. I was too young, it was merely entertainment and I was strapped in and ready to take the wild ride with rich asshole Nicholas Van Orton. For the most part the film is totally absurd, which at the time I ignored, but now my recognition of this, ironically, is a major factor in what I love about it.

This film reminds me a lot of the work of Hitchcock. A Hitchcock thriller doesn't have to be realistic or plausible and I never spend time after I screen one picking apart the details. Some films are great because they allow you to temporarily believe in the unbelievable. For those hours that I am inside the world created by the visionary behind the camera, anything is possible and as long as it is crafted with the excellence I expect, I will embrace it . The Game completely embodies this for me, a film that doesn't hold up if you spend time analyzing if it all adds up once it's over. It's fantastic because it doesn't have to.

As usual, the atmosphere of a Fincher film is what sucks me in from the beginning, so cold and ominous yet inviting and exciting. The Game keeps any first time viewer guessing throughout, as the pieces of the puzzle come together for a shocking and memorable conclusion. If you are looking for gritty realism, look elsewhere, but if you are willing to suspend disbelief for a couple of hours and appreciate the point of the journey rather than the way it got there, take a seat and play the game.

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