Heat ★★★★★

You know that moment when you realize you are watching something incredible? The first time you watched one of your all time favorite films, and you were enjoying it throughout but that one special scene made you say to yourself "Holy shit, this is great"? I had one of those moments watching Heat for the very first time tonight.

That's right, a debut spin of Heat in the year 2013. I am ashamed of myself to admit that, which is a common theme for this year. In April of 2014, I will turn 30, and as the current year was starting that thought made me realize I needed to start getting to some of those films that I had always wanted to watch, but just never did for various reasons. It wasn't a lame, oh no you are getting old bucket list moment or anything. More of a, dude, you are gonna be 30 and you haven't seen so many amazing films. It's time.

So I sat down and popped in the Heat blu ray, checked the back of the case and saw the run time. 170 minutes. Wait, 170 minutes?!?! Holy shit that's long. Except the beautiful thing with a film like this, it isn't long. I got so lost in the whole experience time never meant a thing to me. An absolutely amazing ensemble cast delivered an almost perfect cinematic experience in my living room tonight (technically, this morning, good lord I need to go to sleep).

Oh, I never mentioned that moment I referred to when I started this review. It wasn't some action packed scene or big epic moment. It was pretty much halfway through the film when Pacino and DeNiro are sitting down for a cup of coffee, having an honest conversation about their intentions. So brilliant, watching those two work together, nothing ever feeling off or forced. Just two artists at the top of their game, making me forget I am watching a movie and instead allowing me to feel like a fly on the wall.

Speaking of artists, I want to go find Michael Mann and shake his hand. He would probably be sleeping, and he would wake up and ask me what the hell I was doing in his house, and I would say, "Sir, 18 years ago a film was released called Heat, and I just wanted to tell you it is a masterpiece." The police would come, arrest me and I would have a restraining order on me to stay 500 feet from him at all times, and I would be on the news as some creepy stalker dude. Actually, this all sounds like a bad idea. Perhaps I will wait until I see him at a Burger King or something, buy him an Angry Whopper. You get the idea.

God I loved this film. I loved every scene. I can't think of a single moment where I felt it drag or lose focus. The entire time, all 170 minutes of it, I cared and I wanted more. Even now, as I prepare to go get some much needed shut eye, I still care and I still want more.

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