And Then We Danced ★★★★★

the one thought that came bubbling to the surface again while rewatching this is how genuinely incredible it is that this film was made considering the obstacles the cast and crew had to go through.
making a movie under "normal" circumstances is already hard enough, but having to come up with a believable alternative plot that you can present to people in case anyone asks, locations being cancelled last minute so you suddenly have to come up with something else on the fly to make the scene work, all of that just adds to the challenge, which feels a bit understated given why they had to deal with these things in the first place.
it takes dedication, passion and lots of creativity from everyone involved to pull through and not only did they end up making a "good" movie, they made something that is both powerful and hopeful despite the harsh truths that are brought up as we follow merab's journey.
I have so much respect for all the people that were a part of this project and despite the hateful reactions this movie received in its country of origin, I hope all the more that it brought those who need it at least a little bit of light and hope.

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