Tenet ★★★★

Tenet to me is everything that is right and wrong with modern Hollywood films (made for masses both inside outside USA )
It is ambitious beautiful to feel look at and enjoy .Athe score and cinematography are fantastic .
But it is also very much about spectacle much like say avengers endgame .The plot is same -the world is about to end , save it .And how much Nolan tries not to , it somehow becomes a time travel movie .
I did not get certain parts , but understood most of the film but beyond its brilliantly choreographed fight sequences , i could not find mutch
This is a film certainly everyone needs to see once twice and then maybe forget it ,just like David leans Ryan's daughter .But lean gave us better ,and so did Nolan .And that" end of a beautiful friendship" was a rip off from Casablanca .Lol.