Before Sunrise

Before Sunrise ★★★★★

This movie made me spontaneously book a flight to Vienna after rewatching it - I think this expresses how much I love it and how much it means to me. So instead of writing an ordinary review I want to share a little anecdote from my journey:

I've always wanted to visit Vienna - being an cultural center of Europe I was always interested in this city's history and after rewatching Before Sunrise about a month ago the movie made me fall in love with the city all over again, so right after the end credits I spontaneously booked a flight to Vienna. I guess you can tell this movie is really inspiring to me!

Anyways, I decided that I would try to visit as many locations that are being presented in the movie as possible in real life to retrace the steps of Jesse and Celine and see how the places changed over the course of 20 years. I found the adress for most of the locations and first of all I noticed how illogical and loose their route through Vienna was as depicted in the movie - for example the cemetery of the nameless is set so far away from the center, it took me a couple of hours to travel there and back again and the order of the visited locations makes no real sense at all. For me this was great though, since I had a lot of fun planning my own route and with all these points of interest being scattered all across the city and me mostly travelling on foot this was a great experience for getting to know other new places, too.

The story that I wanted to share and that made me smile is this particular one though: on my first day I planned my route in a way that just at the time of the sunset I would visit the Prater with the big ferris wheel. The view on the city was indeed gorgeous, but as soon as I entered the gondola I noticed something different that sparked my interest apart from the view outisde. Inside the gondola everything was covered with little drawings and notes probably done by tourists - mostly their names. At this point I already had the idea that maybe some other visitor loving this movie might have leave a little message for others of his kind and after some searching I indeed found one:

A little heart with 'Before Sunrise' written inside.

It's such a small little thing, but it made me instantly happy as soon I noticed it and I left the ferris wheel with in absolute delight.
All in all I loved Vienna - I just came back a few days ago and thought I might as well share this story with you. You should definitely visit this place sometime - interesting people, a lot to do and a lot to see!

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