My english isn't perfect. I love difficult films, art pictures, and weird coming-of-age movies. My thoughts are always evolving.

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  • The Karate Kid Part III

    The Karate Kid Part III


    Putrid third film in The Karate Kid series squanders everything good that the previous two pictures in the series had built up. Daniel gets needlessly tortured throughout the film while Mr Miyagi selfishly turns a blind eye, which was very contrary to his disciplined, virtuous code. I can’t say I enjoyed this one very much.

  • The Karate Kid Part II

    The Karate Kid Part II


    Pretty good sequel, honestly.the stakes are a lot higher and the threats are a lot deadlier. Miyagi gets a lot more screen time and development, but Daniel also demonstrates remarkable intuition and wins the heart of a character who, from my perspective, seemed much more at his level than his love interest from the first one.

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  • Call Me by Your Name

    Call Me by Your Name


    Powerful and painful. This is the kind of love story that speaks closely to many. It captures all the messiness, awkwardness, wonder, and excitement of being young and experiencing romantic love. I don't view this, nor the book, as being a story about homosexuality. I view it more as being simply about sexuality, just in general, and exploring all the exciting and magical wonders of becoming your own person and navigating your sexual identity. The performances and the sound design…

  • Free Willy

    Free Willy


    My kid asked me to show him one from my childhood, so I dug this one out of the basement. There were lots of tears. It’s a cheesy, preachy movie for sure, no questions asked, but I felt touched by its sincerity and poignancy. Lots of moments struck a nerve. The nostalgia of watching it again, after having not seen since childhood, was wonderful. It also gave us both a lot to talk about. Good movie.