Tenet ★★★★

Nolan continues to grow more confident as a visual storyteller. While there aren't as many elegant compositions here as in Dunkirk, he allows the images to speak for themselves more than in his earlier work. Like Dunkirk, this is Nolan at his most stripped down. It's all just momentum.

I can understand the comparisons between Tenet and late Michael Mann films. This is certainly the most reminiscent of Mann Nolan has been since The Dark Knight. Similar to films like Miami Vice and Blackhat, Tenet is all plot, all movement. Half the dialogue is unintelligible jargon. Nolan clearly shares Mann's love for when the ultra-real meets the ultra-abstract.

Where Tenet differs, however, is in its lack of the romanticism that defines Mann's later works. Tenet isn't cold, necessarily, but it is impersonal, never feeling the need to get too close to its central players. Our main character is never named, all conversations he has are related to the job at hand. In Nolan's eyes, anything more would detract from the experience, slowing the motion.

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