Love Exposure

Love Exposure ★★★★★


When I think about this film, I think about empathy. There's little more that matters to me in this world than that. Having empathy and compassion towards others, and understanding the way their circumstances shape their world means everything to me. Live is infinitely more complicated than anyone makes it out to be, and there's no way to move forwards without first understanding those around you. That's at the forefront of all of Sono's work, but this especially.

What this film comes down to is the people it's about. That should be obvious in a lot of ways, but this movie is about its characters. It's taking you, and guiding you through each of their lives as intimately and compassionately as possible. There are movies with flawed characters, but this is a movie about a group of people who have been about as fucked up as you can be. They've gone through all the shit you can possibly imagine and more. It's painful to watch as I learn about each character's life in the first act of this film, but it's so so so valuable as a way of contextualizing their pain, and understanding the position they find themselves in. There's so much hurt in this film, but there's also so much love.

Like in all he does, Sono does not stop at the pain. He finds hope in the connection and love between all of us despite all shit in between. That's his hope; through honesty and empathy, though trauma will never disappear, you can at least make it through to the other side. There's so much pain here, but also so much hope. This means the world to me, and I will never get tired of it.

3rd watch

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