Cruella ★★★★★

I love me a heist film. And I fucking LOVE me a film where Disney flaunts their infinite costume budget and literally makes the big screen a runway. Cruella is for sure going to SWEEP the Costume Design awards next award season and I’m here for it.

This definitely ranks among the best live-action Disney films. It’s such an interesting story to set up one of their most iconic villains. It had an incredible plot, the humour was good, the costumes (obviously), and god… GOD did I LOVE the soundtrack. They chose such perfect music, and yes, I was cheering when ‘I wanna be your dog’ started playing. The scenes were quotable, iconic, one-of-a-kind fabulous.

Emma Stone and Emma Thompson had such wicked chemistry and it reminded me a whole lot of Anne Hathaway and Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears Prada. Thompson was THE perfect casting for an evil fashion designer and I loved her performance. Also, I must mention how Mark Strong literally steals the show every time he’s in a film. Good for him!

I’m actually obsessed with this film, I can’t lie. I’m gonna watch it again and again type of obsessed. I wish I could’ve watched this in theatres and I think I will be committing a hate crime against Ontario’s government for not letting me do so. If theatres are open near you, GO.

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