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  • The Field Guide to Evil


  • Malignant


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  • The Field Guide to Evil

    The Field Guide to Evil


    Part of Hoop-tober 2021

    To ease into this year's shebang, I began with one of those newfangled multi-team anthologies. This caught my eye before it even came out thanks to the impressive slate of filmmakers, as well as its focus on gruesome folklore from seven Eurasian locales and the USA. If I was lazy, I could've knocked out the entire Countries category with this one movie! With so many segments, it's probably easiest to talk about in list format, and…

  • Malignant



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    "Ol' Jimmy Wan pulled a fast one," my friend texted me, adding to the chorus of horror fans recommending the brand new offering from the Saw and Aquaman man. I rarely leap for the latest mainstream horror offerings, but the buzz around this one said that if you're interested, see it before someone spoils the big gotcha. Having liked a few Wan flicks in the past (even The Conjuring, which I DID NOT like, had well crafted scare scenes), I…

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  • Blood Feast

    Blood Feast


    In a year that has mercilessly claimed icon after icon, yesterday's passing of Herschell Gordon Lewis hit me the hardest. I'll let other people tell you about Blood Feast's undeniable historical importance. I can only try to describe its influence on me, and some of the thoughts that ran through my skull as I revisited it in tribute last night.

    Somewhere within this admirably artless production lies the key to my obsession with shoestring gore, where the limbs are clearly…

  • Burial Ground

    Burial Ground


    Part two of my birthday double feature was the main course. This is Italian exploitation at its near-peak, Andrea Bianchi's finest mix of queasy sexploitation and outrageous gore, a masterclass in beautiful, mindless people getting graphically dismantled in eye-catching locations. What more appropriate surroundings could there be than Villa Parisi, the grounds on which such salacious gorefests as Blood for Dracula and Patrick Still Lives were previously realized? This is the movie that really made me appreciate the place, and…