Avengers: Endgame

Avengers: Endgame ★★★★★

Very minor spoilers here but nothing noteworthy, but watch the film before you read if you want to avoid hearing a little about the plot.
So I've been a fan of the MCU since the beginning, and as a finale to everything we've seen so far I absolutely loved this film.
It's not a revolutionary work of art, it's not a film I'd hold among the greatest, but what it is is a perfect culmination of the universe marvel has built. The world marvel has built is unlike any we've ever seen and this was the perfect way to cap off everything so far.
The film is not non stop action, and I liked that. There are plenty of smaller tender moments between the characters we've come to know and love so well. But that's not to say there isn't the staple action scenes of the MCU, one in particular, that will blow any superhero movie fans mind.
I also thought there would be no way to top the "BRING ME THANOS" Thor moment from infinity war. I was wrong, and if you've seen the film then you will know what moment I'm talking about.
And the ending. The originals were given the sendoff they deserved, I was completely satisfied with the completion of all their stories, and really appreciated that this film actually had an end. No teaser, no "oh look here's the next film". It ended.
I have so thoroughly enjoyed the first four phases of the MCU, which I believe will stand alone from any further work as it's own series, and am still very excited to see more. The one downside for me to this was that I see no way marvel can ever top the infinity war story that they've built over these 22 films, but they will try. And I will watch them all.
Wow that was a long review, but hey I love marvel.