Twin Peaks: The Return ★★★★★

I am absolutely floored. I’m at a loss for words. Just a punishing ending. I cannot believe this exists, and that I get to witness it. I binged this for 8 hours straight today. I couldn’t move for the last 5 minutes, i was completely still, and terrified. Movies don’t get much more soul crushing than the last 5 minutes. My heart sank at that final shot. It’s still sinking. I could sleep for a thousand years. Laura Palmer’s scream will stick in my mind for days. That last shot is so damn good. There is no way that last scene wont haunt me forever. I’ll be bedridden in old age, with fading memory, but that will still be fresh in my mind. Fuck. Fuck!! Fuck. GOD I don’t know how to recover after watching there life after this? 25 years man. 25 years!!! Also..Is that not the greatest poster you’ve ever seen? That photo of Laura Palmer is so haunting after watching the show. I can’t get it out of my mind. That damn photo. Definitely my favorite poster of all time. Why try and make a movie, knowing it will never live up to this? Honestly a strong contender with Interstellar for my favorite movie of all time. The more I think about it, the more I love it. This isn’t even a review. It’s just my stream of thoughts. It’s 4:34 A.M. I’m going to go to sleep soon. And I’m going to hear her screams in my dream.

Incredible how David Lynch and Mark Frost can take your worst nightmare and put it to screen. This may be the most terrifying movie I’ve ever seen. It’s not just terror either - it’s dread. Throughout the whole runtime I was amazed at how you can get this fully articulated to screen. How do you get your vision to translate so well? I want to curl up in a ball. A car ride had me on the edge of my seat..two people..sitting in a car..and I didn’t breathe once. This is a breakthrough in story telling. I’m going full pretentious. This is quite possibly the greatest story ever told in film. How am I supposed to watch another movie after this, or another show? I guess I’ll try. Up next is Neon Genesis.. I can imagine that its no Twin Peaks...But it’s probably still solid. 

This felt like an inescapable nightmare. Absolutely beautiful. 

(The crew says this is a movie, so I will be calling it that.)

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