Filmworker ★★★★★

A fascinating and touching look at the life of Leon Vitali and his 30 years working as an assistant to Stanley Kubrick. From my own experience, working in the movies can be a lot like running away to join the circus. Incredible comradery, working with passionate people, pushing yourself and being pushed to give everything you have to a project. It can be intoxicating and somewhat cult-like. You drive yourself harder with enthusiasm and passion even as your personal life, relationships and health suffer. Most people snap out of it and change careers eventually to hang onto some shred of their lives and families. Leon stuck with it longer than most do. He seems like a kind-hearted guy with good intentions and I really feel for him. He dedicated himself to a person and his dreams and it came to an end with Kubrick’s death. As people said in the documentary, the film industry is built on people like Leon. It really can chew you up and spit you out. It’s touching that after all he went through Leon says he has no regrets. I found this all somewhat profound and relatable to feelings I’ve had since leaving film work almost 10 years ago for health and family reasons.