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  • The Man Who Laughs
  • Carnival of Sinners
  • The Wages of Fear
  • Seven Samurai

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  • Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)


  • Gone Girl


  • Fury


  • Dracula Untold


Recent reviews

  • Straight A's

    Straight A's


    As many indie films do this one strives to break conventions while fitting into a niche as something "quirky and original". Luke Wilson appears to be on a high grade horse tranquilizer the entire film. His character is poorly imagined and acts randomly. If he had been excised the entire film would've worked much better.

    He's supposed to be an absentee father/husband/son, and a lack of any presence would've sent a much stronger message.

    Ryan Phillipe and Anna Paquin have…

  • Cigarette Burns

    Cigarette Burns


    For all of us that have that particular film we're obsessed with. This captures the desire, and anticipation that culminates in the actual viewing of the movie for the first time.

    The mania that accompanies particular films is quite compelling, examples abound in modern and antiquated films. There are rumors about any number of "curses" that accompany certain horror films, and in the past movies like Metropolis had strange occurrences regarding the set, the production, and even the final cuts.

    In the end only the viewer can decide the truth for him/herself.

Popular reviews

  • Xtro


    Surprisingly enjoyable B movie. The practical effects are quite impressive for the budget they had to work with. The actor that portrays Sam (The father) is compulsively watchable. Despite what seems like very minimalistic direction he manages to pull off a smart portrayal of a man who has been abducted by aliens and reincarnated multiple times.


    The best scene is when the boy starts gaining the alien abilities and creates a full size version of his action figure, which…

  • Stoker



    Chan-Wook Park has outdone himself once again. If you saw Oldboy and loved the meticulous attention to detail, as well as the stunning visuals, and the atmospheric tension then see Stoker immediately.

    Without delving into spoilers, the movie draws you in immediately. The inciting event occurs almost before the film starts. You are pulled through the events that transpire as a very emotionally involved bystander. You cannot help but understand the characters and their motivations completely.

    Special acknowledgment goes to the DP, that Park brought with him from Oldboy.