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  • The Hills Have Eyes 2


  • Cannibal! The Musical


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  • Pet Sematary

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  • The Hills Have Eyes 2

    The Hills Have Eyes 2


    Meh. It's ok I guess. Just like the original part 2, I found it to be better than the first film, although this certainly isn't a remake of The Hills Have Eyes Part II (1984), but is rather it's own thing, which is why I probably like it a bit more.

    The originality doesn't stretch all that far though, as this kind of stuff has been done better elsewhere before. If you want to watch a bunch of weirdo yokels terrorising a group of army reservists, just go watch Southern Comfort (1981) - it's a MUCH better film.

  • Cannibal! The Musical

    Cannibal! The Musical


    It's alright. An early film from the South Park guys before they made SP.
    There are a lot of SP type elements in this that have clearly fed into their following projects.

    It's ok, funny in parts, really rough in others. It's certainly a lot more competent and professional than I was expecting going in (my expectations were very low), but the pacing is quite messed up.

    The strangest thing about this whole movie, is that it's based on a real story of a cannibal called Alferd Packer.

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  • Fear Street: 1666

    Fear Street: 1666

    Jesus H Christ on a dunking chair to test if he floats like a duck. This movie is bad.

    All of the 1666 scenes are terrible. The accents are the main offender here, closely followed by the acting. It's like a couple of people were watching Dick Van Dyke doing his cockney accent by way of Sydney in Mary Poppins, and thought "huh... that's not that bad. I bet I can get a cast of people to do far worse."…

  • Evilspeak



    The power of Satan and an Apple II compel you!

    This film is fantastic and hilarious, and I'm absolutely astounded that it ended up on the infamous UK Video Nasties list of the 1980s.
    Sure there's satanism, some gore (ok, a fair bit towards the end, but I've seen a lot worse), and some tits on display. What's not to love?

    You've also got the acting talents of an early 20s Clint Howard and his amazing wig (which he had…