WandaVision ★★★½

Episode Scores

Episode 1: 7/10
Episode 2: 7/10
Episode 3: 8/10
Episode 4: 6/10
Episode 5: 9/10
Episode 6: 7/10
Episode 7: 6/10
Episode 8: 7/10
Episode 9: 6/10

Series Score: 70/100 Good

Final Verdict:

Even as WandaVision isn't my favorite MCU project, it still manages to make for a different but enjoyable entry to the MCU. I felt it suffered quite a bit from the theories and weekly release. Had it been released in a shorter period, maybe I would have like it more. The show still makes for some excellent filmmaking with the different decades of sitcoms. The performances are really good too.

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