Tom & Jerry ★½

28/100 Awful

2021 Ranking

What I liked:
- The movie's Tom and Jerry moments are quite enjoyable. Even with the short time they take with these characters it shows this movie had greater potential.

What I'm mixed about:
- The CGI mixed with live action can be a bit distracting. The animation does have some nice appeals to the source material which I appreciate more so than I like.

What I disliked:
- The movie trades in Tom and Jerry for a generic plot that doesn't do anything distinct. Even with Tom and Jerry, the story and it's execution fall completely flat.
- Since the characters are thinly written and portrayed in ridiculous fashions, the movie has no one likable to root for. The mistake is that the movie sidelined Tom and Jerry for these characters. Actors/Actresses such as Chloe Grace Moretz and Michael Pena should have made this movie better. The results are not so. It sucks because Pena has proven to be really funny.
- The movie is poorly written. When the characters are conversing, there are many responses that don't sound like what they would actually say.

Final Verdict:

Tom and Jerry suffers from translating its source material into a full length feature film. The moments of Tom and Jerry are quite enjoyable but are put aside for unlikable characters, terrible writing, and poor execution with the plot. Tom and Jerry is a major let down I almost every way.

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