Inception ★★★★★

100/100 Flawless

Inception is a film I needed quite a bit of time to process before writing this review. The end result still leaves me baffled that I haven't seen this sooner. I'd like to thank Amazon Prime for making it possible for me to watch it finally. Everything about this film is mindblowing for how much it succeeds. It has many elements that many films could only handle one at a time and this really manages to bring it with the story, visuals, and action. The plot is incredibly unique which is why it was hard trying to compare it to other films that I have seen. I loved just about every detail and plot point that they decided to explore with this film. This has such a twist with reality and plays on it in a way that makes the question for what was really reality. Even as the film ended, which I might add was a really unique way to end, had me making my own theories as with what happened. This film absolutely delivers when it comes to the effects and editing. The entirety of the film can become a bit confusing at times of some people but luckily I was able to catch on to what was occuring in certain points. We get to explore all these levels with such sharp editing where we focus on the important parts when they need to occur and steer away from the parts that would become really boring to watch. Its a great way to play on us viewers when we try to discern what is really happening and what isn't. Which is a cool way when they incorporate it into the plot. There are many sequences that remind me of some effects pulled off with a film like Dr. Strange which is what I consider some of the coolest VFX I've seen in film. This has topped into my list because alot of scenarios were really well shot and looked absolutely gorgeous.

What I really love about this film is the exploration through the technology and also reality. With the technology, which I might add is a really creative thing to have in a film, makes this film absolutely shine with what they were able to accomplish. One thing you may worry about is whether they were able to give us enough of this technology or if they go too deep into it. I'm happy to say that it did steer away from both of these in a way that really impresses me. It gives us so much to keep us on the edge of our seats within the last hour and a half of the film but didn't overstuff us with the content. It gave us enough looks upon the characters and the development of the plan. It gave us the right amount of substance to understand the technology and didn't take too long to get the film going. It gave us the development we needed to get us invested with the final act of the film. It gave us a great look into all these characters. I especially love what they did with Leonardo's character. It gave us that solid background and the motivation for what he's trying to do. I love what they did with his relationship with his wife and how it all played out with the technology. There's alot going for it with the themes about reality and letting go. It can be heartbreaking just like the final scene of the film. Based on which it could possibly be an emotionally deep and heartbreaking ending or could just be plain sweet. Its the way this film played out that kept me questioning what could really be happening. I am stunned with the way this film went. Its possibly one of my favorite of Nolan's filmography but I'll have to watch or rewatch all to find out. I highly recommend this if you haven't checked it out.

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