I Care a Lot ★½

33/100 Awful

2021 Ranking

What I liked;
- The movie plays on the sense of irony with "taking care of others" rather well. About one of the only enjoyable elements I could get from this movie.
- Performances are rather good with Peter Dinklage and Rosamund Pike. They do their very best to elevate this movie, and its unfortunate they didn't.

What I'm mixed about:
- The movie doesn't have a clear sense of direction with the mystery. The movie feels as if the mystery is solved before it even begins. It's a shame because I think it was getting really interesting.
- The script isn't as sharp is it makes out to be.
- Suspension of disbelief can needed a bit of tunage in some sequences. The scheme itself has a lot of layers that seem a bit farfetched with how characters involved get away at such high positions. Not the worst element though.

What I disliked:
- Every single character is rather cruel or unlikable with no redeeming character arcs. Throughout the movie, I didn't care for these characters and the emotional moments fall completely flat.
- The conclusion of this movie really ruins the experience for me. It feels like they payed off plot points set up in the beginning in the cheapest methods possible. It doesn't help that the big resolution is for the characters to form a business together. The two main characters, who have been pitted against each other, now work with each other. It feels nonsensical for something like this to happen and just completely destroyed any credibility the movie had.
- The movie simply can't decide on its tone. The movie's dark, satirical humor doesn't mesh well with when it tries to be dramatic and heartfelt. When it tries to be funny, the performances of some of the actors feel like they belong in a completely different film.
- I don't remember very many times where I engaged with the filmmaking. The editing at times is wonky and the lighting can be dramatically shifted in some sequences.

Final Verdict:

- As much as I respect the direction and performances, I didn't find this movie enjoyable. The vibe of the movie is that everyone is cruel with no redeeming qualities by the end of the movie. The third act ruins quite a bit of credibility to the movies logic. Again, I can respect most of what this movie does. The movie just wasn't for me.

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