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  • WandaVision



    Episode Scores

    Episode 1: 7/10
    Episode 2: 7/10
    Episode 3: 8/10
    Episode 4: 6/10
    Episode 5: 9/10
    Episode 6: 7/10
    Episode 7: 6/10
    Episode 8: 7/10
    Episode 9: 7/10

    Series Score: 71/100 Good

    Final Verdict:

    Even as WandaVision isnt my favorite MCU project it still manages to make for a different but enjoyable entry to the MCU. I felt it suffered quite a bit for the theories and weekly release. Had it been released in a shorter period, maybe I would have like it more. The show still makes for some excellent filmmaking with the different decades of sitcoms. The performances are really good too.

  • Mission: Impossible III

    Mission: Impossible III


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  • Tenet



    90/100 Excellent

    Agree or disagree with the film, you have to at least admit that something different was attempted with the film. For me, I thought the film satisfied me very much. I'm usually not too big into spy films and I thought this was an awesome film for the genre.

    The film does an excellent job bringing a twist on a story that people would be familiar with. The time inversion elements were brilliantly implemented for some excellent action…

  • Inception



    100/100 Flawless

    Inception is a film I needed quite a bit of time to process before writing this review. The end result still leaves me baffled that I haven't seen this sooner. I'd like to thank Amazon Prime for making it possible for me to watch it finally. Everything about this film is mindblowing for how much it succeeds. It has many elements that many films could only handle one at a time and this really manages to bring it…