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  • The New Age

    The New Age


    'nobody taught you to be a man. it bothers you to be looked at this way?' <3 <3
    love this movie so so so much, a new door in my mind tentatively unlocking with each rewatch. the new age is probably the best display (bar maybe return of the player) of one of my absolute fav tolkinisms, the man tiptoeing on the edge of self awareness but ultimately succumbing to his own selfish interests, able to moralise his terrible actions…

  • The Rules of Attraction

    The Rules of Attraction


    the two minute bathroom suicide scene in this movie makes me feel more emotions than i usually go through in an entire day, the confusion evident on the poor girl’s face as she furrows her brow and the music trembles in the water that fills her ears. i want to reach out and cradle her and make it all okay.

    watching this while feeling worthless and regretting my existence in the winter of my college life does it for me…

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  • Swimming with Men

    Swimming with Men

    i somehow feel queerbaited by this

  • Planetarium


    i get it but i didn’t exactly enjoy it. deeply frustrating to the point where i wanted to go in and meddle with it myself - there are some obvious cuts, and a few scenes that don’t quite work but hint at a better movie underneath. 

    none of the mentioned changes excuse natalie portman’s performance, though.

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  • Buffalo '66

    Buffalo '66


    Share your life. Share your decision.

    I never expected to like Buffalo 66 even remotely the first time I watched it, which is why it’s so funny to be on my fifth go, only two months after the initial viewing. If you're part of online film circles, the name Vincent Gallo comes with a pre-determined set of associations, and I'd always been pretty scared to go near any of his work - the Chloe Sevigny Brown Bunny deal aside, he's…

  • Spree


    if you want to know how irritating this movie is, at one point during kurt's livestream the words 'dasha and anna are super cool!' appear onscreen, a nod to the filmmaker’s close friends who are known across the internet ‘cause they act like dickheads for attention. personally, this moment really devalued the whole affair of spree, which otherwise is pretty funny, and summed up exactly what i found hypocritical - every aspect of online culture i find obnoxious has reached…