Hillbilly Elegy

Hillbilly Elegy ★½

Poor Amy, poor Glenn. This isn’t your time. Both of these actresses have a vast amount of nominations at this point and are both notorious for never winning. This really isn’t the movie they should win for. It’s pretty bad. The script they’re working with is absolutely atrocious. The dialogue feels so unnatural and out of place. The directing is uncharacteristically bland. The story is very uninteresting and doesn’t break any new grounds. The narration is so cringeworthy and unnecessary, the voice used for it made it sound like a documentary at times. The score felt overbearing and emotionally manipulative. I genuinely feel bad for these two wonderful actresses, they should be winning awards for better movies. Are they good in the movie? Well sure. But even they can barely cover up all the horrible filmmaking going on, and they’re some of my favorite actresses. 

So... is Glenn gonna win? I don’t think so. If she does I’ll honestly feel bad. She doesn’t win an Oscar for Dangerous Liaisons or Fatal Attraction but wins one for this? Stupid. But she won’t, they’re not gonna make her wait eight nominations and then give her a Supporting Actress Oscar. In a few years, she’s gonna be in the Sunset Boulevard musical as the lead. Say whatever you want about the movie, but I don’t think we’re gonna be talking about a loss with that one.

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