DAU. Natasha

DAU. Natasha ½

At this stage the only benefit of the doubt you can give the torturously overlong and drawn out NATASHA is that it is only a single (although in the audience's defence, completely uncontextualised) piece of the monstrous, what I must presume to be failed, DAU art experiment - the rest of which is not so easy to access.
Beyond that, this is simply creepy, leery, pretentious, misogynist crap from a megalomaniac director who's been let off the leash with an oligarch's funding. All the worst aspects of the Dogme manifesto are resurrected, with no heed paid to the lessons learned from it. Only the art & costume departments (and of course the poor, NDA-bound actors)
are worthy of praise.
On a more meta level, perhaps the only morbidly interesting thing is that in the years DAU was taking place in a vacuum, MeToo was happening. Otherwise, this is an utter waste of an incredible opportunity, and the current gold standard for shitty art.