Tenet ★★★★

“Don’t try to understand it, feel it.”

If anyone could give you any advice when entering the theater for this film, read the quote above. This was a hard film for me to rate after watching, the plot was so complex and I didn’t catch some of the dialogue so it was hard for me to make a decisive rating.

Tenet, is easily the most ambitious film ever made by Christopher Nolan. With a massive budget of $200 million, Tenet is the most expensive film ever made by him. An espionage thriller, Tenet has an innovative and original screenplay, but contains a lot of expository dialogue. The sound mixing was an issue so I would recommend watching this film with subtitles if you can. The cinematography is breathtaking and the action/fight sequences are without a doubt some of the greatest I’ve ever seen. The soundtrack from Ludwig Göransson is absolutely brilliant and only serves to make Tenet more of a spectacle and a visceral cinematic experience. “Posterity” and “Freeport” were my personal favorite pieces from the soundtrack. 

The performances in this film are also great, however similar to many other Nolan films, he prioritizes plot over character development. While the characters in this film aren’t well developed, that’s purposely done. By naming John David Washington’s character, The Protagonist, Nolan already establishes that the names or background of the characters don’t matter or at least they don’t move the plot forward. My favorite performance in Tenet, comes from Robert Pattinson. He’s charming and charismatic as Neil and shared great chemistry with John David Washington’s character, The Protagonist. Elizabeth Debicki was also brilliant, but I did feel that her husband Kenneth Branagh’s character, Andrei Sator, was over the top. This was almost like Christopher Nolan’s attempt at a Bond film only more ambitious and technically complex. Must watch.

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