The Last Duel

The Last Duel ★★★★½

Even though Disney now owns Fox I am glad that Disney kept the Fox fanfare at least.
"The Last Duel" gives us a look at a time in the world where women really didn't have rights and they were supposed to just be seen and not heard and where men were judge by what kind of standings they had.

This is Ridley Scott going back to his "Gladiator" days and he really does a great job at capturing the look and feel of the 1300s with how the movie has the grimy look and more bleak color pallet to it.

Performances all around are top notch. Matt Damon, Ben Affleck and Adam Driver all do a great job with their accents where the accents are not full blown but are subtle. We see Damon's character doing everything he can to leave behind a legacy but it feels like it is taking him forever to produce an heir.

Ben Affleck does more with less as he is not one of the main focal points of the movie but you can tell Affleck is having a good time playing the count.

Adam Driver almost steals the show with how at first we see what good friends his and Damon's characters are but then as time goes on the two grow apart and then when everything comes to a head we see what the repercussions for Driver are.

But the main talk of the movie is Jodie Comer. Comer really sells it as a woman who refuses to be silent after being raped and is standing her grown despite the consequences that could occur should Damon lose the duel. With this movie and "Free Guy" Comer has broken out this year.

The fight scenes are good very quick and to the point and while you can see some blood the shots never linger for the sake of gore and the titular duel itself was pretty intense as well.

"The Last Duel" doesn't overall make one side right and the other wrong but allows audiences to see all sides and see things from different perspectives as to how the events in this movie happened and why. Also the movie proves that Ridley Scott still has it in him to tell these kind of epic movies.