Zack Snyder's Justice League

Zack Snyder's Justice League

"I'm not broken. And I'm not alone."

Kal-El the Redeemer.

Batman v Superman saw the Earth at its lowest. They rejected saving. And yet Clark still sacrificed himself because he believed in the goodness of Earth. The sacrifice works, it inspires one man - Bruce Wayne - and he seeks to inspire the world as well. Does it work? I don't know. I'm not fully won over by Snyder's optimism, but it's admirable and almost makes me envy his faith. Superman's return is so obviously biblical, but it's also narratively inspiring on its own. Snyder seems to use Christ as an image, not of specific Christianity, but of the message of eternal love and hope. Powerful statement from a father and mother who lost their daughter. Among all of this heart is a legitimately epic film. It may bear similarities to previous superhero films, but those similarities reveal how much further this film goes in capturing the awe of superhuman. I'm glad this movie exists and I'm glad it got to exist.


A fulfilling use of four hours, packed with interesting details and moments of wonder and sadness and loneliness and overstimulation and grief and beauty.
- Ray Fisher's Victor Stone is a standout character. His father gave him everything but time. He had seemingly did everything for his father to give him attention, he was star of the football team, incredibly intelligent, and even got into some trouble. Above and beyond, and then given capabilities far beyond this world. A gift to keep going, to keep ascending. Fisher plays Stone as a confident and competent young man. It doesn't compromise the burden he feels, but he doesn't let it stop him. He has this power and he must use it, there is no other option to wallow in the pain or let the world die, to hope is the only option to keep persevering.
- Flash is annoying a lot of the time, idk if it is Miller, the quips, or this is just what flash is like, but he comes off entirely unsuited to the world. The comic diffusion feels apathetic, not distancing. There's hints of loneliness (the moment Superman begins to move at his speed is a fearful moment for Flash, but also a moment where he is actually with people like him), it's just Miller's attitude feels false. He does however, get to do incredibly cool things, a highlight being breaking the speed of light reversing time "Make your own future, make your own past" Cyborg and Flash rise to the occasion and break their previous limits.
- Aquaman has a solid physical presence, though the lack of water locations kind of make his actions less impressive. I like his vibe and rejection of Atlantis. Superman in exile vibes. Unconvinced of earth's worthiness.
- Gadot is also solid in action scenes, however she (and the Amazons) have almost always fell flat to me. That aesthetic and background just doesn't work for me? Kind of interesting to see Wonder Woman's interactions with modernity as a character and Gadot's real life persona.
- So glad for Snyder's previous movies on Superman because Cavil''s interpretation is really incredible. Bruce's faith that Kal would not kill him is beautiful. His reset is slow and meaningful. He lets himself come back in the quietness of his life, the part that makes him truly human. It's a swelling moment that makes it so his later appearance, as the god, is still anchored by humanity. Clark is doing what he does - his best.
- Steppenwolf and Darkseid. Roommate was calling them Ultron and Thanos and while there are some similarities I actually feel the weight of Darkseid's evil and Steppenwolf's menace. Just a better execution of making these threats seem scary.
- Jeremy Irons is lovely.
- Black Suit Superman fight is so badass.
- Batman. Affleck was so well suited for this role. He's lovely.
- I kinda like the parademons - they look like a mix of Borg and the Geonosians, and in tableau they very much look like Blake-ian devils.
- God, so much happens in this movie.
- long hair Willem Dafoe.
- martian manhunter tells batman his parents would be proud of him and it honestly feels like such a fulfilling arc
- don't know why people think this looks bad. on top of that its just a pleasure to see something so different looking. we're not going to get another 4:3 superhero movie so appreciate it existing at all.
-god I wish we could have justice league nightmare world sequel, with evil superman, and joker making harassing comments to batman the entire way. Snyder really packed as much interesting relationship between joker and batman in that scene and its so good. the similarity meeting the absolute hatred.

Superman Loves You

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