Wax, or The Discovery of Television Among the Bees

Many films tell you of worlds beyond your own, they describe parallel universes and alternate dimensions that work on laws other than those of our own. Very few of those movies take you to these worlds and many simply don't even try. Stalker does so at least partially, the moment the film crosses over it brings you into a new world. But still it is very much a film world. The works of Peter Tscherkassky make me feel like I'm entering a new world, or at least uncovering the scraps of an old world. Wax is something so scarily total and overwhelming I am not sure if it is truly of this world. What is so terrifying impressive is how hard it works to dissuade you of its reality. Overcomplicated and bewildering, the film offers no easing into its world. It doesn't stop to work its way up to anything. Mesopotamian Bees, something out of context I would think is hilarious, is immediately put into the game and made real. I do not know if James Maker is safe in his own world or if he even really exists anymore, but I am surely convinced he existed at one point.

What is truly powerful is that contained within this is not some meaningless expression of weirdness, but and emotional and political plea. Death to Amerikkka.