Note: this is my first time seeing Tenet, but it feels funny to say that I have seen it before - cuz the movie - and time. lol

okay .... kinda fucking rules. approaching such an abstract sense of action.

the whole narrative conceit took its time to 'click' once it did everything started feeling incredibly different - like Protagonist says about looking at the world differently. And also because the film is so general really, it becomes a very convincing genre meta critique - this is no different than any other action film, in that the existence of the presence signifies the success of the future. Action films basically all end well for the hero, and are destined to do so because the end of the film already exist. Pretty fascinating lens to apply to other films tbh - imagine how you could "tenet" them. lmao, okay that sounds insane. idk - I have had a rough day and I just really fucked with this.

also ... that ending, super gay??? idk if it was just my love of rpatz that made me care for that character or a purposeful attempt to make the audience sympathetic without knowing why (for narrative reasons) idk. it worked whatever was going on. John David Washington isn't as convincing, but it kinda works for how the whole mobs strip thing goes.

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