Favorite films

  • Lars and the Real Girl
  • Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
  • I, Tonya
  • Nightcrawler

Recent activity

  • The Kármán Line


  • The House


  • Monster House


  • Stardust


Recent reviews

  • The Kármán Line

    The Kármán Line


    Ngl those beans nearly made me cry

  • The House

    The House


    1. Ok but if we saw these outfits on a runway, we would be GAGGING. Isobel is yasspilled.
    2. I love construction rat (contRATctor?). I really thought I knew where this was going for a minute and then… that happened.
    3. Gentle carpentry boyfriend and invasive plumbing girlfriend. A little bit (quite) Wes Anderson

    There are some really shining moments in the first one or two that show just how much we’re deprived of stop motion horror

Popular reviews

  • Prom Night

    Prom Night


    Top 3 Jumpscares in this film:

    3) Pigeons
    2) Paintcans
    1) Literally just walking into a lamp

  • Sense8: Amor Vincit Omnia

    Sense8: Amor Vincit Omnia


    The final shot of this entire show being a rainbow strap on and then following that with a card saying FOR OUR FANS..... only to follow it up with a Jess Glynne song... they lulled me into a false sense of homo security.... only to be hate crimed.....