Wrath of Man

Wrath of Man ★★★★

For some reason the last couple of week have been loaded with mindless action. This one though does it with the class of Guy Ritchie. It’s weird because it’s not as corny as some of the duller Jason Statham movies but has zero of the humor and wit of Ritchie’s movies. So for me that puts it at better than I expected it to be but at the bottom of Guy Ritchies filmography. The action is good though and we get the classic Guy Ritchie starting the story with the middle of the story. While that kept me intrigued for a while, the plot is ultimately very predictable. 

Also shoutout for Guy Ritchie for getting Post Malone in 12 seconds of his movie

Also shoutout to IMAX for blowing out my eardrums I loved it.

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