Tenet ★★★★

It’s certainly not objectively better than the first time I watched it, but all the pieces satisfyingly fastened into place, instead of feeling like fragments. This whole movie hinges on the cathartic meeting in the last act. After watching it the first time, I felt like I was catching up and consequently, missed the essence of the moment. This time, the dialogue was crystal clear (Cinemark fix your premium screens), and I wasn’t caught up in the exposition (still a problem). I was transported into a dream-like state, and the context works. The withholding of information finally pays off, and it had me all sorts of smiling. I’m a big fan of the discussions surrounding time in Tenet, it’s all intriguing to deduce. Even the timelines don’t wrap up in a bow, and it reminds me of the totem spinning/not spinning in Inception, maybe without the bite. The action scenes are the true bread and butter of Tenet, and all of them are incredible. It had me physically flinching at times. Jennifer Lame, the editor, captures all the right beats and intricately stitches them together. Her work on the final act is brilliant as she captures perspectives between time inversion. The audio and visuals come together to create something unique and awe inspiring. A pleasure to watch.

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