They Live Inside Us

They Live Inside Us ★★★★★

Jake is suffering from writer’s block and takes his daughter Dani to the Booth House for inspiration.  The house has a reputation for being haunted and has a colorful past.  While there strange noises and things start to occur.  Is the house haunted or is something far more sinister at hand?

I’m gonna say it right off the bat here: I LOVE THIS MOVIE!!!!!!!  It is creepy, there is tons of atmosphere, it’s well shot & lit; the music kicks ass, and I could go on forever!  This is a Halloween staple to add to the collection. Of must views!  

I won’t go into too much detail in regards to the story.  I think this needs to be seen and discussed over a good glass of root beer.  I will say if you have watched The Witching Season episode this film is based upon the idea is expanded and given more depth.  That’s all I will say in regards to the story.  I encourage you to watch it.

The look and tone is what sells it.  This screams & oozes Halloween.  In some ways it feels like a campfire tale.  At least that is a sense that I got from it.  You’re just hooked from the opening shot all the way through the end. 

The cinematography is astounding.  I love the 80’s feel that the filmmakers have created.  The use of color really enhances that fall/campfire tone as well.

The pacing is steady and all the beats were done well.  

This is a must watch!