Videodrome ½

skipped sooo much so this review doesnt properly count but then again i dont think any of the viewings for this class' films count. idk why but i have not been enjoying many of them ... sooo sad bc i love this prof and the prv class i had with him. anyways. this has become my diary entry apparently. this film was soo graphic and violent and i am simply not made for that. i dont think its horrible! just not for me. like at all. i hope i dont have to analyse this for the final paper.

also this took so long for me to watch, like i kept avoiding it and had to rewatch the first 5 minutes like three different times. not fun. why does my attention span suck so bad. anyways i cant believe i have to go write a poopy short journal entry on this now. i wish i cud just submit this in place

idk why this review so long bc it seems as tho im very passionate about this im rly not i think im just tired and my brain is saying anything it wants. i am so quirky sumtimez