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  • The Lost Patrol

    The Lost Patrol

    Strikingly similar to Romm’s The Thirteen released a few years later, to such an extent that I’m very curious if this ever happened to play in the USSR. The brooding, wandering priest role plays perfectly to Karloff’s skills as a character actor

  • Rifkin's Festival

    Rifkin's Festival

    I’m in the minority of never finding Storaro to be an especially talented DP anyway but the lighting in the last three Allen films has been beyond dreadful

    Earlier this year I was wondering how long it would be until Garrel made it into one of these films, it was only a matter of time.

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  • The Forgotten

    The Forgotten

    In the absence of anywhere else to write this, I'll put it here. I've been obsessed in the last three weeks with this painting of Christ and the woman of Samaria, finished sometime before 1504 by Juan de Flandes after the mathematical revolution in perspective by Masaccio and before, or slightly parallel to, the gaudiness of the High Renaissance. This painting sits somewhere between these two points, and is simpler than what was standard for either (in fact it reminds…

  • Méditerranée


    I’ve been reviewing a bunch of the old 60s French film journals and one of the great cinematic mysteries is how J-D Pollet could go from being probably the most discussed/debated filmmaker after Godard, even by big name academics like Kristeva etc., only to fall into complete obscurity after the fact.