They Live Inside Us

They Live Inside Us ★★½

Pumpkin King Marathon 🎃 👑 (2020)

*6 (of 31)

They Live Inside Us concerns a father who spends the night in an infamously haunted house on Halloween to get inspiration for his screenplay...and obviously from there things get "spoopy." First things first, what you absolutely need to know is that They Live Inside Us is by leaps and bounds the most Halloween-y Halloween themed film I have ever seen. Like seriously...I lost count of how many jack-o'-lanterns and skeleton decorations were on screen. In the first five minutes we are introduced to some absolutely gorgeous cinematography that really doles out the Fall two kids in vintage masks ride their bikes on leaf littered asphalt while the sun sets in the distance. BUT then those kids start to talk...and thats when we must contend with this films substance regardless of its striking style. The acting is to lack a better term "desired - like really really desired - here. I get that this is a low budget indie effort...but when you have a film that looks this good makes the poor performances all that more noticeable. Our lead ecspecially is just not a natural performer...leaving me laughing at scenes I was supposed to emotionally resonate with. But maybe I am laying too much blame on the actors...because the flatly written derivative dialogue does not help either; nor does the narrative ecspecially...even though it surprisingly enough took three people to write the script. From the old "I don't spend enough time with {INSERT HERE}" trope to a frankly unearned derivative twist...They Live Inside of Us offers nothing new nor does it do anything novel with its borrowed ideas. All things considered, if - and ONLY if - you are looking for something Halloween themed...They Live Inside Us WILL scratch that itch...but dont expect it to do any more than that.