• Open Mic Solitaire

    Open Mic Solitaire

    Naturally I waited until the last minute but that was stupid. I want more of my friends to see it. And now there’s less than 24 hours to peep it, here: mediacityfilmfestival.com/thousandsuns/julius-amedee-laou/

    Thanks Steve. This is a perfect little one-act, with sturdy grammar and everything. Just the right amount of information, threat, and resolution (as it were) packed in there. Plus there’s the genius decision of film stocks that carries a meaning unspoken except by the very choice visible: only…

  • The Skin I Live In

    The Skin I Live In

    As entertaining a nightmare as the movies it riffs on, but it’s very much a Pedro Almodovar perverse pleasure/s dome inhabited by phantoms and peppered with sadism. He’s an incredible writer, a genius plot architect, and he’s working hard on every set up for maximal pops be they color/costume/decor or violence like the odd rape. Sex does funny things to people, as does that whole performing gender thing, askew as it can get. When the big reveal drops it’s like…

  • Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol

    Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol

    Better than I remembered but still too long, too earnest. And it helped save the IP! Thank Tom for believing he can do anything he dreams up.

  • Skyfall


    Javier Bardem is a helluva actor. Too bad about that script, all that seriousness, and the argument that murder is nothing and bloodless.

  • Süden


    Something there in composition. That’s the whole game really. There’s a good jam about halfway through that doesn’t last. The backwards swirling newsprint paper folding in the wind—that wind—into the lens is the highlight though I bet plenty of people focus on the books.

  • I Want to Go Home

    I Want to Go Home

    Effervescent in a broad way I should have expected, but it helps clarify what Alain liked in various TV shows, a kind of goofiness. The sound is all awkward too with the exposition shoehorned into monologues but, despite the location count, it’s artifice all the way down so who cares. It’s also funny to see an old guy be old in a comic book hyperbole way but it too gets old. Cleveland. Paris. Cartoons in a gallery. Paris as a…

  • Shadow of a Doubt
  • A Quiet Place Part II

    A Quiet Place Part II

    Shout out anamorphic lenses and compositions. Shout out psy-ops. A couple good cuts. Lousy "idiot plot" stuff sours it. But our ad for the Grand Lake reopening got a minor ovation. That was rad.

  • No


    I still don’t know why I love the filmmaking as somebody who prefers tripods and steadicams but I’m thinking it has to do with the feeling the film conjures: the period, the archival, the pace of information in the script. Plus who doesn’t like looking at Gael? Dude is beautiful.

  • My Journey Through French Cinema

    My Journey Through French Cinema

    Just delightful and charming and educational. The meeting-a-trend formal winking is hilarious to me but Tavernier is simply too well versed to not be all the way in and as such easy to arrogate to in the face of all this evidence. How he handles Renoir got me good.

  • Rodeo


    Not exactly vegan friendly but sublime nonetheless. Similar to Ichikawa's Olympics strategies. Would love to see on film some day.

  • Fresh Bait

    Fresh Bait

    Disgusting, hilarious, very French.