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    This movie had potential to be great, Oscar worthy in fact. However, it was let down by it's lack of character development, relying on general villainy to carry it's impact. No one changes throughout the film, maintaining the same emotional standpoints from start to finish. Though this works for the mother's character (especially when it…

  • Sol Levante

    Sol Levante


    To those rating this 1/2 stars because it didn't have a lengthy story, maybe that's because it's a SHORT FILM, you goons. This is a brief, but badass short film that should make all involved proud.

    Visually stunning, great sound, beautiful character design... What a way to tease the audience for more. Yes, there's virtually no story, but it's very enjoyable. Shoo.

    There's no logical reason why this is rated so low... Fricken weebs ruining it for everyone.