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  • Mossane



    Faye brings her documentary eye to this story of 14 year old Mossane as she attempts to break free from the norms prescribed by her community,  ditch her arranged marriage to a young wealthy lad from Paris, and instead follow her heart to a hip University student (in town due to a strike). Rituals are given a great deal of space and time, such as the extended offerings/sacrifices for rain or when Mossane is bound to her brother overnight in the…

  • Above the Law

    Above the Law


    Steve Seagal arrives at The Movies, managing to give himself both Story and Producer credits in the process. The opening 15min function as a built-in origin myth, leading us through family history to martial arts academy all the way to naughty CIA activities in Vietnam.

    Pam Grier and Henry Silva are the more interesting performers but sadly don't get a chance to do much of anything. Yet the poor characterization is occasionally forgivable with such clear-eyed summer photography of Chicago; Andy Davis goes hard in Wicker Park, and has a lot of fun casting a bunch of locals as extras to fill out the frame.

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  • Exterminate All the Brutes

    Exterminate All the Brutes

    Chaotic? Maybe. Disorganized? No.

    Having had the chance to read Lindqvist and Dunbar-Ortiz’s books beforehand, I was surprised to notice how Peck reads directly from the texts for at least 50% narration (hence the “A film by/With” credit). But with the film, Peck radically reorganizes the information, causing some unique collisions along the way. Scout Tafoya perceptively calls this Pecks “Histoire(s) du Cinema,”  and it’s true: the arrangement is very personal and passionate, resembling a matrix of thought more so than…

  • Affairs of Cappy Ricks

    Affairs of Cappy Ricks

    Good to watch before visiting Burger King