Before Sunrise

Before Sunrise ★★★★★

I've been struggling with grief for a while, and its made me question what the point of having someone in your life is, when you know their departure is inevitable.
This film is a perfect metaphor for that.

When someone is alive and in your life there is no ticking clock. There's a safety net in place as you know they arent too far away and you can always reconnect.
Affordable travel to places far far away blows this comfort wide open, as you can meet people you would've never met and they can leave you with great impressions and fantastic memories, but then you must face the inevitable; you will probably never see them again.
Its this grief of effectively losing someone that can be very maturing and emotionally satisfying.
Knowing the inevitability of your seperation with others offers you a great appreciation for the time you do have and to make the most of it.
This isnt a luxury given to everyday life.
When someone is alive and a part of everyday life you dont know when they will leave and if you are young and healthy the thought will probably never cross your mind.
And then one day they leave.
And unless you made the most of the time you shared with that person, you will forever be begging for more time.

Before Sunrise explores this idea beautifully through Jesse and Celine's natural, well-written and well-performend dialogue that carries you through a gorgeously captured dream.