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Zack Snyder's Justice League will probably end up being the longest review I will ever write.

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  • Zack Snyder's Justice League

    Zack Snyder's Justice League


    " For once I'm operating strictly on faith, not on reason"

    People that know me, understand how important this film's release meant to me. The Magnum Opus that is Zack's Snyder's Justice League was a campaign and movement fuelled by fans to restore the artistic integrity of the third part in the DC SnyderVerse.

    Let me make this clear, this movie isn't a redo, this movie is the original cut and whatever Frankenstein film came out in 2017 was not…

  • Sound of Metal

    Sound of Metal


    Sound of Metal is a story of Ruben portrayed by Riz Ahmed, a man that loses his hearing due to excessive sounds from playing the drums.

    The film highlights individuals who suffer from hearing loss whilst steering away from romanticizing a disability for the sake of making a movie.
    This is crucial because the story in itself isn't just about living with a disability, it is moreso aimed towards the feeling of constant unpredictability that life can throw at us.…

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  • Jolt



    "Are you on the phone with that cocky cuntsickle?"

    The film Jolt revolves around an interesting concept, where impulse and cortisol are used to fuel Lindy into extreme anger induced action. It feels somewhat similar to Crank, though a bit more campy and action not as crazy. Possibly a better example is Lucy mixed with Atomic Blonde.

    I feel like I haven't seen Kate Beckinsale in an action role since Underworld, though it seems like she had a lot of…

  • House of the Dead

    House of the Dead

    There are bad movies and then there's movies that are ironically bad, House of the Dead fits into the latter category.

    Rarely do video game to film adaptions translate to the most coherent plot and films. This film is basically a really terribly edited zombie flick, splicing in video game scenes into action sequences was truly one of the worst directing choices I have ever seen.

    The soundtrack is terrible, instantly kills the mood and doesn't fit any of the…

Popular reviews

  • Black Widow

    Black Widow


    "The truth rarely makes sense when you omit key details"

    Black Widow is mostly an action packed, family fueled adventure. Scarlett Johansson finally gets her own solo film, which considering external circumstances seems a little bit too late.

    For the most part, I enjoyed large parts of the movie. The opening title sequence was something unique , it gave me that feeling from a Jason Bourne film. The action and storyline whilst wasn't anything unique or spectacular felt like a…

  • A Quiet Place Part II

    A Quiet Place Part II


    "There are people out there. People worth saving"

    A Quiet Place 2, arguably creates a great template for a sequel film whilst still managing to honour it's beginnings. The story explores the themes that monsters aren't the only things that lurk in the shadows.

    I'd regard this film as one of the more anticipated pre-pandemic films and the delay certainly paid off. The movie starts off with a mixture of flashbacks, I liked that we get to see the initial…